Hi Guys,

Welcome to the new Pompey in the Community Blog, aimed at giving you guys more of an insight into what we do and maybe more importantly why we do it!

For those of you that don’t know us, we are the charitable arm of Portsmouth Football Club, and if you are a football fan, you may well be aware of the financial difficulties the club have faced through the years. We would be telling a big fat porky pie if we said that it didn’t effect us either, but hey we are a resilient bunch and just like that piece of apple skin stuck in your teeth we hang on in there!

PITC work with anybody in the city and surrounding area, from 4 all the way unto 101! (we’re not saying that we would discriminate against people that are over 101 but as of yet we haven’t had anybody come through our doors that are over that age). The charity works under 4 key areas, sports and coaching, education, social inclusion and health. We ultimately use the power of sport and more specifically football and even more specifically Portsmouth Football Club to educate as many people as we possibly can.

So why did we start this blog, simple we just wanted to tell our story to anybody that would listen! The charity are currently crowd funding at the moment to try and expand it’s current facilities so that we can cater for the needs of the community. It is well and truly a case of demand outweighing supply! Check out https://pompeyitc.hubbub.net if you are feeling in a generous mood!

We thought the more we shout and scream and kick even, people may well sit up and take notice and help us out, as we help others out!

So welcome to the party (or game if you like) we are here for the season and so are you! Twitter Picture


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