See 2 Hear, We’re here 2 see!

On a bright sunny Thursday morning, you could excuse many a learner, for being reluctant to be cooped up in a classroom. Not the See 2 Hear group though. Those guys are in earlier and earlier each week and are always ready to learn!

The sessions which are aimed at people suffering from hearing loss, always receives a popular turnout and always gives them the opportunity to learn new skills.

I was fortunate enough to sit in on a session a couple of weeks ago, when the group were doing a lip reading session. The group were told to say something without talking but only moving their lips. A sentence as simple as, ‘The cat sat on the Mat.’ I somehow misinterpreted as being ‘That old bat aint all that!’ I learnt a lot from the session that day in more ways than one!

Importantly though, I can now understand why footballers and celebrities etc, now cover their mouths when talking in front of the camera in case somebody can interpret what they are saying (or in my case not what they are saying).

Even more importantly, how difficult it can be for somebody with hearing loss. A lot of people can take their senses for granted, and to experience in that short moment in that exercise made me appreciate in a very small part of what it can be like.

As a community department, it is fantastic that we can help Maggie, (who leads the sessions) deliver these workshops. The gang are a great bunch and Maggie is so passionate about her field of work that the See 2 Hear workshops have gone from strength to strength.

It’s great to have the gang in the centre on Thursdays, they always manage to brighten your day and hopefully they would echo that message back to us.

Have a great day gang!

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