Getting the balance right!

As the new season kicks off and there is a renewed optimism in the air, Football fans up and down the country look forward to what may come their way. Funnily enough the same could be said for the education department in Pompey in the Community. New projects kick off into action, mainly in September (as that is when school starts) and the education team, just like the pro’s are ready and raring to go.

The first team at the start of every season always gets a rejig, but usually on the whole some of the previous years squad remain. That is the same within the education department. Key players such as South West Trains and Southern Water have extended their current contracts and will be working with us on the Off The Rails and Nelson Investigates projects respectively for this season.

In most cases, there are new additions to the squad and again education is no exception. Pompey in the Community are delighted to announce the signings of Jobsite, L&S Waste Management, Bishops Printers, DRH Coatings Limited and Assured Office Solutions to the ranks. As the press might say, ‘it is a clear indication of where the squad is heading for this year.’Photo 2A Brochure

And just like any great team, with new signings to improve the squad and keeping hold of your key players from the previous year, gives the blend of an attractive outcome that benefits the people that really matter…The fans!

The fans, in the communities case is people of all ages from across Portsmouth and the surrounding areas. They are the ones that benefit from the new signings as well as the experienced pros that all have the same aim of benefiting ‘the fans’ and enhancing the lives of the people of Portsmouth.

It just goes to show that Football and the community go hand in hand, and ensuring that all parts come together, are imperative to a winning outcome. Just like the players at PFC, Pompey in the Community take a great deal of pleasure and pride in what they do.

Hopefully with the start that Portsmouth Football Club have made this season, Pompey in the Community will be looking to replicate and ultimately both will be tasting a huge amount of success at the end of the season.

Your City

Your Club

Your Community

Play Up Pompey!


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