Look at this Logo and what do you see?

Not to sound like a psychiatrist analysing your mentality and how you approach life, placing you upon a leather sofa and critiquing you through pursed lips and frown over some dark rimmed glasses holding a white piece of card and an ink splodge on it, but in a much more light hearted means than that. ‘What do you see?’

Looking at any logo can stimulate opinions and feelings. It may be the Golden Arches and their association with a global brand or just the simple fact that you may be hungry and you fancy a Big Mac and Chips.  However,  brand power that a logo can possess can be vital and can shape what you do and how people perceive you.

If you take a look at our logo what do you see? We would love to hear your answers on this, but in the meantime, let me paint a pretty little picture for you. I am assuming that many of you, especially if you live locally will see resemblance to Portsmouth Football Club, and rightly so. We are indeed the official community organisation associated with the club     and we try to do as much as possible to enhance the club as well as ourselves. Including offering holiday courses, education sessions and school support. However there is much more to us that that.

Like all of us if we look up we see the stars, we all live together down here on this beautiful planet and like all of us we have the potential to achieve great things, it doesn’t matter what our backgrounds may be. As an organisation we are aware of that and it is our mission to be there for all! That is echoed in the ‘community’ element of our name but also the symbol of the three people beneath the stars reaching upwards. We all would like to achieve greatness, but we can’t necessarily do that alone, and we need support from others. Guess what that’s where we can step in!

You may also notice that the moon is encapsulating those people and is a symbol for support and guidance, and guess what!?! We’re pretty good at that too! Just like anything, delve a little deeper and more becomes apparent, and believe us with this as when it comes to Pompey in The Community the stars cover a large area and it doesn’t matter your age, gender or ability, we are there for you and will try and support you in anyway we can!

Check out our website www.pompeyitc.co.uk give us a call, 023 9272 8899 or drop us an email info@pompeyitc.org.uk whatever you fancy, but check us out, and I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

So the next time you see the Pompey in the Community logo, what do you see?Pompey-In-The-Community-e1383739243172


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