There is so much going on in the world of Pompey in the Community at the moment. Some of you may or may not have noticed that the organisation is currently rebranding. Nothing big, like the logo or anything like that. Mainly because thankfully people are starting to associate the PITC logo with community work which is exactly what we want.

However its the branding that goes with the badge that is currently being worked on at the moment. As an organisation, we have identified that we deliver in four different areas, for the benefit of the community. Sports and Coaching, Education, Health and Community Cohesion.

As an organisation we are trying to break down those perceptions that all Pompey in the community do is deliver football coaching sessions every once in a while. Obviously, we do dabble in the football scene. We’d be silly not too! Our football coaches are a great bunch and are extremely knowledgable in their field! (Excuse the pun!)

However even under our Sports and Coaching bracket we deliver a number of different sports to a number of different age groups. Take our Walking Footballers for example who are all 50+ and recently took part in a game against Exeter City. Or even our Premier League 4 Sport programme which delivers a number of different multi sports including tennis, Badminton and Table Tennis to name but a few!

Admittedly there is just too much to write about for one blog on how the orgainsation operates and what it does in the local community! So in the coming weeks, we are going to break down what the organisation does into our four identified categories. And to make it even easier for you folks out there, we have categorised each department into a colour. Lucky You!

So please if you take anything from this blog remember these colours, because believe me, you will be seeing an awful lot more of them in the future!



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