Where The Devil Are We?

So where the devil are we? This is not some deep and meaningful metaphor or some philosophical blog about finding ourselves, it is merely an update of where the expansion currently stands for the new premises of Pompey in the Community.

Looking back on where we were not so long ago, things are progressing nicely and we are finally starting to see some real meat appearing on what was bare bones. Obviously a picture paints a thousand words and you guys will hopefully see that work is really starting to progress nicely.

It’s fantastic to see that work is not only progressing, but it is progressing thanks to the effort, commitment and financial support of those who appreciate what we do and want to see the community department grow and develop in order to benefit an even greater public audience. What initially started out as a dream is coming closer to a reality every waking day!

We are starting to get to the stage that we will smell the sweet aroma of Matt Emulsion (Not a new signing for PFC! Although I can imagine there is a guy out there called Matt Emulsion, so apologies if any offence is caused!) and the soft feel of industrial carpet between our toes! It is something that everyone who is associated with the club and organisation are really looking forward to and it is something that we really cannot wait to share with all of you.

We’ll keep you posted on how work is developing through the coming weeks but if the wait for the new site is proving to much to bare, just crack open a tin of Matt Emulsion, close your eyes and let your imagination do the rest!

Your City, Your Club, Your Community!


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