A PUP isn’t just for Christmas! It’s a season thing!

As you may or not be aware, Pompey in the Community do so much to so many, that sometimes a lot of the good work that we do, goes unnoticed. So thanks to this blog, we have the opportunity to let anybody know whos willing to listen, (or read in this case) what goes on in and around the organisation!

Since 2013 the sharp cookies are Pompey in the Community had an almighty brain wave. After attending matches for years, we noticed that although the matchday programme is a great read and superbly designed, it only really catered for one market…the adult. As a result we felt that a kids programme was needed. Children are the lifeblood of any football club. How? you may ask. Well the answer is simple. Without children AKA your next generation of fan, then the club will ultimately suffer. Investing into the future today reaps rewards and brings about a new demographic of fan that you can relate to for the long haul.

Alas in true Blue Peter form, we set about making our very own children’s matchday programme. However to make it truly for children we decided to get the kids involved and help us with every element of the production, including the design work and also the interviews and features. Taking this approach meant that children not only had an input into their local team but they were also building up their key skills including literacy and ICT. Everyones a winner!

And so The PUP was born! ‘What does PUP stand for?’ I hear you ask. Wel PUP means two things. Firstly our mascot is Nelson the dog and his young fan followers are known as Pups, but also PUP stands for Play Up Pompey! Clever eh! I know our marketing team are particularly proud of the name.

Since its creation the publication has gone from strength to strength. It has added more pages, better quality printing and more copies being sold every season! It has proved so successful that other football clubs have followed suit and are now creating their very own children’s matchday programme.

This is the beauty of working for an organisation like Pompey in the Community, sometimes a small idea can quickly escalate and create something truly memorable. The PUP is certainly no exception and as Pompey enter the third successive season of producing the publication we hope that the success continues to grow for this unique idea.

So next time you are down Fratton Park look out for The PUP pick one up for a pound (all proceeds go back into the community department)and relieve the memories you had from when you were a child! In fact go all out and take the centre fold poster out and stick it on your bedroom wall!

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