Posters Portray a new Perception

You may remember not so long ago, we published a blog advertising the fact, that as an organisation we do so much for so many that we have had to categorise what we do, into four different categories: Sports and Coaching, Education, Community Cohesion and Health. All of these categories have been colour coded as well to ensure that maximum clarity for the observer is obtained.

The feedback we have received so far has been of a really positive nature and people who have seen first hand the changes that are taking place are appreciating them. After a number of pain staking hours all of our facility posters have now been updated and are continuing the 4 colour coded scheme. The posters prove to be an excellent advertising tool for what the community department does, and hopefully over a period of time will break down those misconceived perceptions that all Pompey in the Community do is play football.

Although affiliated with Portsmouth Football Club and also utilising the power of sport and especially football there is far more than meets the eye to this forward thinking organisation.

I encourage you to come down the Pompey Study Centre for a cuppa and a biscuit have a chat with us and see for yourself what Pompey in the Community has to offer. Don’t worry if your not the talkative type, then we won’t be offended if you come in and just take a look at our posters…they’ll give you all the information you’ll need!

Spread the community word and see for yourself what Pompey in the Community has to offer.

Your City, Your Club, Your CommunityIMG_1477


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