All we hear is radio Pompey!

Yesterday Pompey in the Community paid a visit to arguably the main radio station in Portsmouth, Express FM, to share all about what the Community charity is up to these days and how they are implementing new ideas and initiatives into the local community and surrounding areas so that even more people can benefit.

It’s funny really as on approaching the studio, we always ponder and deliberate what we will talk about and how the hell we are going to manage to fill an hour of a radio show! It’s usually at these points that colds sweats start to emulate and the realisation that in a radio studio there literally is no place to hide!

However as soon as the red light goes on and the earphones start to warm the ears the fears and apprehensions eradicate as we all look at one another and realise that one hour is simply not long enough for the general public to listen to us rattle on about all the good work that we do!

Even though talking on radio can be great fun it also acts as an opportunity for us all to stop reflect and appreciate all the good work that we in the organisation have done over the previous months. Whether people want to listen is another matter!

As the hour on radio flew by and the stories and anecdotes flowed. It soon came to an end and the air of disappointment soon reared its head. We walk away from the studio feeling rejuvenated and full of the airs of spring. Feeling like, yes, actually we are making a positive difference!

I wonder whether you will agree? Only one way to find out? Please listen to the show and let us know your thoughts.


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