My NCS Journey: William Kellaway

Hey there,

My name is William Kellaway and I have been asked to write an article about my “NCS journey”. I’m not very good with words so here goes nothing.

It all started this summer after my exams when I signed up for the four week NCS program with Pompey in the Community for the pure reason that it would look great on my CV and help get me into university which at the time I wanted. It still looks amazing on my CV but I have changed my decision to go to university because I wanted to go for the wrong reasons, but I’m going off track now.

When James came into my school and did the assembly on NCS, I automatically knew that I wanted to do the programme. It looked so interesting and thought that it would be a great way to spend my summer after finishing school. When I met my group on the first day, we automatically clicked and throughout the program we all bonded, creating genuine friendships. The first week was fantastic!! We grew as a group doing activities such as rock climbing and coasteering, after all nothing bonds you like jumping of cliffs with each other!

All week we were outside of our comfort zone and being challenged in many ways, shapes and forms, but we came together as a group and supported each other throughout the week. It was such a fun week and I met so many new people, who are now very close friends of mine!

In the second week we stayed at Fort Purbrook accommodation which was such fun. This week we learnt a whole bunch of new skills and information that we can take with us throughout our lives. We got the opportunity to go to Sky Academy in London, have a tour of the Sky News Studios, and learn marketing and business’ skills, where we then did a presentation at the end of the day for a new innovative idea. Also, we got to spend the day with Hampshire Fire and Rescue and learn about fire safety and road traffic collisions. We also got to meet the fire dogs, which was adorable! This week, we also had to budget for ourselves and cook our dinner, which gave us a taste into independent living and taught me how to cook!

In the third week each group planned their social action project, which proved to be more stressful than I first expected (we decided to renovate the Beneficial foundations material bank) and fund raised for our projects. We did a cake sale to another NCS group and a 7 mile sponsored walk and bucket collection. The fourth week was so rewarding, just knowing that you are doing something selfless gives you a sense of self worth. It is an amazing feeling giving back to your local community. We painted and re-decorated the entrance to the 3Bs recourse centre at the Beneficial Foundation. It was a blank canvas, and we completely re-did it with brightly colored paints and murals on the wall. It took us all week, but it was so worth it!

A month after, I applied to be part of the prestigious “NCSleader15” program and got accepted with 99 of the most amazing people I have ever met. We spent the week up in Kent doing more Social Action projects, team building and become better leaders with NCS. It was an amazing week and am so grateful I had the opportunity to do it.

If I could give anyone my age one piece of advice it would be to do NCS, because it opens so many doors that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible. I would just like to say thank you to everyone at NCS and Pompey in the Community, it has been an unreal experience.Banner Board Design Idea


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