Deck The Study Centre with Footballs of Holly…

Well it’s that time of year again and let’s be honest there is no escaping it! So in true ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ mentality some of our staff, most notably Katie have been sprucing up the office to give all those who visit us and even those who have to work here on a regular basis, just that little bit more Christmas cheer.

Thankfully as an organisation we have managed to battle off the November Christmas demons and have only just put our decks up but its safe to say, that as soon as they go up, everyone embraces the Christmas spirit that little bit more.

Take me for example, I even cracked open a tin of Foxes Christmas selection biscuits to get into the festive spirit of things! It was an onerous task, believe me!

And that Christmas spirit and that sugar rush is needed as well as reflected in our delivery across the region. as an organisation we seem to get busier and busier at this stage of the year and there seems to be no let up in the amount of work that comes hurtling our way. However, that’s how we like it. At this time of year, we see the benefits of what we do even more. Some stories or experiences that we see on a day to day basis really make us take a step back and appreciate what we have got, as well as what we can do, to benefit an individual or groups life. It is even more important to continue to contribute towards community development at this time of year as that is when most people really need it and when it really does truly matter.IMG_8570

So just to finish, well done Katie on putting up the decorations. It may have taken you all morning but at least you have contributed towards giving the staff and our visitors that feel good feeling to really embrace the Christmas spirit.


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