Life ‘N’ Chimes at Christmas

Life ‘n’ Chimes is run by Pompey in the community, it focuses on working with people that are suffering with dementia, are in risk of developing dementia or feel socially isolated. So Thursday the 2nd of December the group painted Christmas ornaments, getting into the festive season now we have finally hit December … the countdown begins!

The Santa’s and angels were very popular to decorate. As well as art and crafts, there were games which encourages fitness but I must admit get rather competitive. With gentle music in the background the atmosphere was cheerful. After a biscuit or two we all sat covered in glitter and discussed plans for Christmas day.

The two hour session runs every Thursday from 10am till 12pm. It allows sufferers and careers time to socialise over a cuppa and enjoy the activities available. I have been moved by the close relationships within life ‘n’ chimes and the care the group have for one another, so much so that a Christmas lunch has been arranged within the group, which I hope to attend! Everyone is so welcoming and jokes are made continuously. I took several photos to capture the fun and I must say the group aren’t camera shy. The positive environment is so touching. Non-stop laughing and cheeky jokes is what I need on a Thursday morning and without fail the Life ‘n’ Chimes group bring that.Life 'n' Chimes 023


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