Raise Your Game

On Friday the 4th of December a group of youngsters from Landport adventure playground and a group from Somerstowns’ adventure playground had friendly football tournaments with an aim to bring together the city. The Project is funded by Comic Relief (Raise Your Game) and is held weekly at the Somerstown hub. Different wards from all over the city take part weekly.

The first game kicked off between Sommerstown Blues and Landport Reds. It started off a bit scrappy but eventually after a minute or two things settled down and the teams got a hang of their rhythm. The first goal came seven minutes into the first half putting Blue team in the lead. The reds of Landport tried hard to get back into the game but the first half was controlled by the Sommerstown Blues. The Second half kicked off with some changes made in the Landport Reds’ defense. They played at a high tempo and had many shots on the Sommerstown goal but their goal keeper was up for the challenge. Finally half way through the second half Landport Reds equalized, the consistent attacks on the Sommerstown goal yielded in a mistake by their keeper which resulted in a low driven shot from outside the area. Four minutes until full time, and the game was being played at a good pace. Strong tackles and quick one- twos between the Sommerstown players resulted in opening for Moussa Diop who scored the winner just two minutes from time. The game ended 2-1 in favour of Sommerstown Blues. The Landport Reds put on a good show but it just wasn’t enough.

The first match was then followed by two other games. Landport Reds Vs Sommerstown Greens. The match was played in good spirit but too many players around the ball meant lots of air kicks and toe pokes. Sommerstown Greens won their game 2-1 and were to face Sommerstown Blues. The games was played between the two Sommerstown teams. The match was played at an easier paced compared to the previous two matches, maybe because the players of both sides were familiar with each other’s style of play. The Greens got off to a flyer hitting the back of the net four times in less than five minutes. The score read 8-2 in favour of the Greens. At the end of the evening all players shook hands and were happy enough to pose for group pictures. The tournaments were successful and the Sommerstown Greens walked off triumphant.


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