Don’t get the Christmas Blues!

It’s drawing ever closer and let’s be honest there is no escaping it, but Christmas really isn’t that far away!

If you are a child or even a big kid, those are the words you really want to hear as you envisage the potential presents under the tree, the succulent food waiting on the table and ultimately seeing the big man in the red suit turning on the style all in one night! On the other hand, for others it is the stuff of nightmares, as the days quickly pass by and those shopping days dry up!

This is where, in a dramatic like entrance a superhero like character in blue white a gold clothing with a PITC logo on their chest pronounces the words… ‘Never fear, PITC are here!’

And that we are. We don’t have the ability to slow time but we do have the ability to make your life that little bit easier, by taking the kids off your hands for a few hours or even a few days in the week leading up to Christmas.

The charity are delivering Holiday Courses all across the region leading right up to Christmas Eve. The outcome: Everyone’s a winner! You as the parent win by getting some much needed free time and tiring the kids out, the children win, by doing something they love, and we win by delivering courses that we love doing!

So remember. Never fear, PITC are here, and we are here to help you. Check out the flyer for more information on courses operating in your area. I’m sure you will thank us in the long run!

Christmas 2015 x2


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