Happy New Year!

Pompey in the community wishes you a happy, healthy and fortunate New Year.

Some of you may wince or moan at the following statement ‘Any New Year’s resolutions?’ but let’s be honest it is an unavoidable question and as C.S Lewis puts it so appropriately, you’re never too old to make a change.

“You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.”
C.S Lewis

Well the Anson Road office is hectic and the phones are alive as Pompey in the Community prepare for another term. The organisation is optimistic about 2016 as we are offering more coaching packages for beginners and through to advanced players in schools and our community.

Teaching a healthy lifestyle enhances lives of young people and we aim for social inclusion to build relationships and the opportunity for young people to improve self-esteem and confidence. We strongly feel that 2016 will be the uprising of our charity. Our goal is to get you on board.

It’s always nice to look back fondly on past memories, and through 2015 Pompey in the Community certainly has some fond memories, however as an organisation we are constantly looking forward, to move not only the charity but the community on as well.

That’s our aim, what’s yours?

Maybe you want to focus on getting fit yourself? There is no better way than signing up for the new website platform http://www.playmorepompey.com The perfect way to get fit and also do it by participating in the sport that you love…Football

There is lot’s on the site, including: prizes and incentives, competing against your friends, tips on how to improve your game. How you can access football in your area and finally create your own avatar! The perfect excuse to make yourself better looking than you really are!

Sign up! It’s free and whats the worse thing that could happen?


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