Foster is top of the tree at Christmas

Football pundits love to summarise where teams are located in the league table during the Christmas break and the Pompey Community of Football guys are no different. Usually there is talk of if your bottom at Christmas then it’s likely you will be relegated etc. However the PompeyCOF team only like to focus on the positives. That could mean, who is top of the league, who has changed their footballing habits, who has participated most during the month, or even who has signed up to the website.

So congratulations Steve Foster, who received, ironically a Chocolate Christmas Tree for being, well…Top of the tree at christmas! Steve has shown terrific dedication to his football since the creation of the Play More Pompey website was launched in September and he is now picking up the sweet rewards for his endeavours.

The main staple of Steve’s football diet is his Walking Football which he takes part in on a Monday Morning 11-12pm at Roko/Play Football in Hilsea. Steve’s enthusiasm for the sport is evident for all to see

‘Being able to once more kick a football around competitively and in training with likeminded guys and girls at a pace more suitable to my late years is ideal’ said Steve. Those are certainly the words of someone who felt his best playing days were behind him, but obviously that is not the case.

Steve really has rekindled his football bug as he also plays another two times a week and their certainly isn’t a murmur of missing training or matches because he is tired coming from his lips!

Steve has been logging his weekly football activity on the Play More Pompey website. Steve added: ‘I brushed up on my football skills by using the skills page.’ However that is not the only thing that can be accessed on the website via

I think it is vital to address that this website caters for all users, whether you are a beginner, a seasoned pro or even consider yourself to far over the hill to carry on playing, the website has sessions for all to get involved with. Who knows you could be knocking Steve off of his perch sooner rather than later.

Well Done Steve!


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