A day in the life of FUTSAL

So the first question we have to ask ourselves is, what is FUTSAL? Well simply put, it is an indoor small sided form of the beautiful game that uses a weighted ball so that it encourages it to be played on the deck. A very fast paced game that has been adopted by a majority of the footballing powerhouses of the world.

So naturally PITC have got involved and are encouraging post 16 children to study a BTEC Level 3 extended diploma in sport (equivalent to 3 A-Levels) Not only do the group study but they also train regularly, with the coaching given focusing on technical, tactical and physical aspects of the game. All of the studying and training certainly pays off as every Wednesday the PITC team represent the club and themselves in a fully structured league system that is segmented into regions and cup competitions which reaches out nationwide. And so this is where my short story begins:


I had the pleasure of joining the Futsal boys in a league game against the Cardiff City team in Swindon on Wednesday the 20th of January. Having an insight on passion the 16-17 year old boys have for the tactical sport was eye-opening. After an enthusiastic journey with witty banter flying around the minibus like uncontrollable locusts provided a real morale boost for the entirety of the tiresome trip. However we finally arrived at the Futsal ground and the banter died down and the nerves started to kick in. The boys warmed up, hydrated and zoned into the skill of Futsal during an intense warm up.

I observed and captured the speed, control and the focus on the ball. Trained by Pompey in the community coaches the boys showed discipline, team work and encouragement vocally throughout the 40 minute game. It certainly was an eye opener for me, as a self confessed newbie to the sport I was thoroughly enthralled and captivated by the spectacle.

Both the A and B team played outstandingly with a double win. A team 13-3 and B team 8-0. The boys were triumphant. The day was a success and ended with the inevitable bus journey home which was comical genius. I may have been outnumbered, but the boys included me in the jokes, and usually I was the Butt of the banter!

The Futsal boys have grown in confidence and developed their physical ability only months into their course. It all traces back to the teaching ability and support from their tutor Dan Rook. After speaking to the boys they expressed their enjoyment and dedication to the BTEC.

I can’t recommend the BTEC highly enough and it would be unprofessional of me not to give it a well deserved mention and plug, so if are you interested in Futsal? Attracted to a balance of practical and physical education? and also want to go onto higher education through opportunities to study sports development, sport management, teaching or sports therapy, then this could well be the course for you.

For more information on the trials to join the Futsal team in 2016 then email Dan.rook@pompeyitc.org.uk.

Hope to see you in September!



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