The Yes in NCS

Have you taken part in NCS? Do you even know what NCS is? Maybe you might even be thinking, what the hell does NCS even stand for? Well the latter can be answered quite easily. No it doesn’t stand for Notable Confident Stance or No Cheerios Son! (To be honest, I could keep going here!) but it means National Citizen Service. Please don’t be put off by the intimidating title, it really is a lot friendlier and inspiring than you might think!

It is essentially the experience that can shape your future!

More than 200,000 young people have already said YES to NCS. The experience of taking yourself out of your comfort zone, meeting new people and trying things that you might never even dreamed off. The 4 week course is something that people who have done it want to do year on year, as they get the bug to try new things, and make a notable difference in the society in which they live. In this case Portsmouth.

However, after completing NCS, the journey does not end there as participants are opened up to a new world of opportunity and intrigue. Some go to volunteer abroad on the ICS programme, some upskill themselves further in areas in which they are passionate about, some gain employment from the course and some even return the following year to become mentors!

The mentors process is ultimately the next step from experiencing the summer filled with excitement and the making of friendships, however to be a mentor, you don’t have to have participated in the programme before. This Summer, we are looking for NCS wannabes to volunteer on the programme and using their skills to support and guide participants of 2016 to have their most rewarding summer yet.

My name is Sophie Hughes and I currently work for Pompey in the Community. I graduated as a participant in NCS in summer 2013. I fell in love with the programme as it allowed me to grow in confidence but also make my closet friends to date. This life changing event made me think about my future and what I wanted to do with it.

So I applied to be a mentor in 2014. After my successful interview process, I joined the Pompey in the Community team. This wasn’t the same as being a participant; the role consisted of a variety or responsibilities, mainly a code of conduct, setting a good example and being the glue between a participant and leader. As well as assuring safety and happiness of the group you mentor, if you see disrespectful behaviour your role is to act upon it in the most responsible way.

You never know? … If proving yourself as a professional mentor this could lead you to the path of being a leader the following summer, this was my journey! So my experience of NSC steered me on to being a mentor and then staff and now a full time employee at Pompey in the Community.

Remember It all starts with a YES.

For more information on the NCS programme and to find out more about mentoring opportunities within it, please contact james Shannon on or call 023 9272 8899 you never know that phone call could change your life!Los Angeles - Dream Center 279


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