IM proud partnerships work!

It is amazing what can be done when people and organisations work together. Throughout the years, partnership work has become an integral part of what the organisation does on a daily basis. Funding streams dry up and the economy changes on a regular basis. As a result face to face relationships and demonstrating what can be done, becomes increasingly more important.

A great example of this philosophy can be seen between Pompey in the Community’s Portsmouth Amputees FC and Irwin Mitchell Solicitors. A relationship that started a mere 10 months ago has blossomed a created possibly one of the quickest success stories for the organisation this year.

Formed in May 2015, with only one registered player. Pompey Amps had a long way to go, in order to not only be taken seriously but also compete. Thanks to the partnership work between Irwin Mitchell and PITC the development of the group has been fantastic.

The players have received much media attention for their formation, skills and stories behind their amputations, and as a result created a clearer understanding for many on the sport and those who play it.

This success story wouldn’t have been possible without the support and the partnership work from Irwin Mitchell, who do not shy away from pushing boundaries and creating something truly memorable. Portsmouth Amputees FC are certainly that and as a community organisation we can proudly sit back and look on with pride at how much has been put in and what has been returned as a result.

The hardwork doesn’t stop there though, as just like any relationship, each group wants the best for the other. Pompey in the Community and Irwin Mitchell are certainly no different as plans are in place to take what has been created to new levels.

Partnership work in a community setting is something that really can change a community, and certainly for the better. Irwin Mitchell are testament to that and hopefully the relationship will continue to blossom and develop for many more years to come.

If you are a business, individual or an organisation and are keen to get involved with Pompey in the Community. Please contact Adam Lea on 023 9272 8899 or email


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