All work and no play!

As a community organisation Pompey in the Community are constantly looking for new and innovative ways of interacting with as many people as possible. The latest to grace the organisation has been one of the highlights for a long time, and for obvious reasons.

Thanks to EA Games and the Pompey Supporters Trust. The Xbox One games consoles with FIFA 16 built in arrived on our doorstep last week and as a result have been a huge success. Old and young, novice and Pro have come together to pit their wits against each other to determine who is the FIFA king, or to simply blow off some steam in a hectic day.

The game provides some hugely beneficial uses in an educational sense as well. Mainly due to the fact that gaming is said to improve individuals motor skills, that help with coordination and advancement, but let’s be fair that’s enough of the sensible responses to the game.

As a novice FIFA gamer, I have learnt a lot of FIFA terminology over the last week. Most notably, ‘sweaty’. I have to admit I still do not understand the real reason why it is classed as sweaty, but it relates to when a player conducts a simple piece of play to score a goal, when really they should be looking to score a ‘worldie’ in the same situation. For example, a player is through on goal, bearing down on the goalkeeper and as opposed to shooting, decides to square the ball for a teammate to tap it into the net….That is Sweaty.

It just goes to show that it is a great talking point as well as an opportunity for great debate and frustration when things aren’t going your way! Clenched fists, death stares and the odd muttered word to oneselve does not detract from the fact that the ultimate culprit when things aren’t going well in the game is ultimately the person playing it.

This is the beauty of the game, visitors to the centre live out their dreams, picture themselves in the game and ultimately when they win a game or score a goal, the celebrations are just the same as they would be in real life! Picture the scene. One of our coaches scores a 89th minute winner against his compatriot, at which point the goal is celebrated as if he has just won the lottery. Controller is dropped and a lap of honour is conducted in the centre, most notably around a group who are on their lunch break. The madness doesn’t end there as he then proceeds to push the boundaries of human behaviour and suggest that the group offer him a high five for his technological gaming achievements. Inevitably the group reciprocate!

It just goes to show how things, gestures and moments in history can bring people together. I think it is safe to say that thanks to EA Games and the PST that what they have created inside the four walls of the Pompey Study Centre, and for that we are eternally grateful.

Who fancies a game? ….But no sweaty’sIMG_2312


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