Life ‘N’ Chimes


Every Tuesday from 10am to 12pm, Pompey In The Community put on a very unique and rewarding session. Using a function room in Fratton Park, a session for those who are suffering from dementia or know someone suffering meet for a couple hours of laughter, fun and cuppas galore.

The session is aimed for suffers and carers of dementia and I was luckily enough to attend this morning. I’m a current University student doing some placement hours at PITC and was asked to go along to the session to get a feel of the brilliant work the organisation do.

I wasn’t the only the newbie, as a few more were welcomed to the group of friendly faces. I spent my time joining in on activities such as board games, card games, dominoes, arts and craft, bingo and even an indoor curling set! The two hours flew by with my only complaint being it should be longer.


It was a great experience to see how Pompey in the Community helps to bring those who are suffering from dementia, that are in need of social interaction and those carers who need some respite and distraction together. I was honoured to hear stories from the guys, whose constant praise of the session and coaches was never ending. Many praising the many different events put on by PITC, including visiting the D-Day museum, the cathedral and most recently the day before a visit to The Kings Theatre to watch ‘We’ll Meet Again’.

I was amazed by the relationships that are have been formed between these people and it is incredible to think some were once ‘strangers’ to each other. The jokes and laughter were continuous throughout and the spread of cakes and treats made sure no one went hungry.

I got a real sense of community and an understanding of what the staff meant when they said the session is as rewarding for them as it is for the attendees. As I saw a group of people, who did not necessarily know each other before these sessions began, starting to kiss and hug one another goodbye like they were family. The experience definitely left me with a smile on my face for the remainder of the day.


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