Good Will in Fan Engagement

As many of you will appreciate, the Junior Blues has taken a positive move this season in trying to engage with as many of its young fans as possible. The membership scheme which was relaunched in the summer has seen member numbers increase dramatically from the previous year.

Since the start of the season we have seen young fans aged from 0 to 17, from far and wide, join the Junior Blues and pledge their allegiance to the mighty Blue Army. It is incredible to see the commitment and how far the fan base spreads for Portsmouth Football Club

It is down to this fact that we would like to highlight one of our young fans who lives further afield and recognise his loyalty even though he cannot be at the games, he is there in spirit.

Will, who lives in New Zealand with his Pompey mad family, moved over to the other side of the world three years ago. It meant his chances of visiting Fratton Park were limited and so the chance to receive his Junior Blues pack was a real highlight. The pack includes a lot of goodies that fans from all different backgrounds can appreciate, however Portsmouth Football Club found a problem.

The pack contains an autograph booklet for young fans to try and accumulate the signatures of their Pompey heroes. However, if you live on the other side of the world, that is extremely difficult to do. As a result, the players and management staff all got hold of the autograph book and signed it for him before it was sent out to New Zealand.

Adam Lea Commercial and Marketing Manager at Pompey in the Community said, ‘This is exactly what the Junior Blues is all about!  We want to engage with all of our fans no matter what their background and where they live. Fans from further afield will struggle to get to some of the one off bespoke events that we are delivering so supplying a signed autograph book to Will means that it is relevant and has a meaning.’

Will’s dad Andy, who runs the New Zealand Supporter’s Club, added, ‘Will was made up with his pack and even more delighted when he saw the completed autograph book. Thank you so much, the club have been fabulous yet again! We are so proud to be Pompey!’

The Junior Blues scheme is offering lots of new incentives this year in its continued drive to provide a product and service that the next generation of Pompey fans will appreciate and be proud to be part of. There is lots more on the horizon, but for more information on becoming a Junior Blue please visit:





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