Taylor Joins the PITC team

Pompey in the Community are delighted to have signed new recruit and all round utility player Paula Taylor to the Community team. Taylor will focus fundamentally on the new PL Women & Girls Co-ordinator role and look to increase participation amongst the female contingent across the city and surrounding areas.

Paula gives us an insight into her initiation into the organisation in the last few weeks and some of the antics she has been getting up to.

I started my first three weeks at Pompey in the Community with getting use to the Portsmouth area. Within these three weeks I have been out to different community programmes such as lunch time’s clubs, after school clubs, primary starts, dementia and walking football just so that I can engage in these programmes and other coaches within the community.

I have spent a lot of time in the friendly office recently to start planning the premier league women and girls project, which I am looking forward to relaunch in November and excited to give girls more opportunities to play football.

Portsmouth has demonstrated a real passion for football and Portsmouth Football Club and I am excited to get involved and fully engaged with my project as well as other opportunities on the horizon. I think there is so much potential here and the set up so far has really impressed me.

After coming over from Southampton Foundation I have been made to feel relaxed and everyone is very welcoming and willing to help.

All that is left to say is ‘Play Up Pompey’pt

Contact me if you’re in need of any information or what to know what is on offer for Women and Girls on, Paula.Taylor@pompeyitc.org,uk


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