From Pompey to Athens

It seems an age ago that we decided that the Athens Marathon should be our next challenge. We didn’t do a lot of research but jumped right in and later discovered that the “original” marathon has an 8 mile up hill climb!

clarenjaneFarlington Avenue has been a favourite stomping ground with its steep extended hill but the thought of anything much longer fills me with a nervous dread.

We’ve trained regularly since May; Monday and Fridays strength and conditioning, shorter runs on Tuesday and Thursdays and a long run at the weekend. The time commitment (especially at the speed I run to cover the miles) Is not something I really considered but my week has been planned around my training for months now!

If I’m honest, I feel really privileged to have this opportunity and am as excited as I am nervous. The final couple of miles, down into the Olympic Arena I’m sure will more than compensate for the earlier climbs! The opportunity to raise some funds for our much needed mini bus will help me along and I’m looking forward to an exhausted  glass of ouzo on Sunday evening, hopefully celebrating a race well run!

Clare Martin, Pompey in the Community CEO


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