Cracking the Code to unlock your future


Mention the word coding and it can bring people out in a cold sweat of uncertainty and apprehension of the unknown. Ultimately coding is something that is expanding massively in the work environment and is a skill in which is looked upon favourably by potential employers.

As part of the All For Work campaign being delivered by Pompey in the Community and Jobsite participants from across southern England were invited to attend an introduction into Coding workshop at Pompey in the Community Head offices. The main aim ultimately is for individuals to learn a new skill to add to their repertoire and take people onto the next level within their career development.

Pompey in the Community were delighted to welcome Portsmouth Football Club official partners Jobsite back to their learning hub on the 23rd November for the free afternoon workshop. The session which was delivered by specialists from the recruitment company proved to be a huge success as they focused on key areas such as: The life of the developer, a deeper look into Javascript as well as an opportunity into hands on development.

Adam Lea, Commercial and Marketing Manager at Pompey in the Community said: ‘Coding can be untouched territory for a large contingent of people, thanks to our partnership with Jobsite and their enthusiasm  to work with the wider community, we felt that it was a perfect opportunity to utilise their skills internally to allow participants the chance to learn something new or seek advice and support which they may not receive on a regular basis.’

Since its start up in October 2016 the All For Work free employability workshop sessions have proved to be extremely popular. Adam added: It is a true demonstration of how utilising the skills and expertise of different organisations to enhance peoples lives through CSR can have an extremely positive outcome.

The next free employability workshop is due to take place in January. For more information on the project please contact 023 9272 8899 or email



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