Best Practice helps communities develop



Pompey in the Community are always trying to help and work with individuals, groups and organisations across the city of Portsmouth and surrounding areas. So it is always a big positive when our work gets noticed further afield.

In collaboration with the Professional Footballers Association, Pompey in the Community were asked to take time out of their busy schedule to reflect and also inform on the notable changes that have been coming from the charity in recent months and years.

The charity’s Commercial and Marketing Manager, Adam Lea was asked to deliver alongside Riz Rehman at The PFA a Best Practice workshop at Argyle’s Community Trust. Demonstrating the work that Portsmouth Football Club’s Community charity delivers on a regular basis as well as how they do it effectively was the key focus.

The event which was held at Plymouth Argyle’s Home Park looked at certain areas of the Portsmouth based charity that have been highlighted for special praise. Most notably, the renovation and expansion work that the charity has undergone over the last 18 months.

Pompey in the Community managed to achieve its crowdfunding total of £100.000 in a bid to raise the much needed funds to renovate a warehouse unit and expand it from the charity’s current facilities. The outcome was to ensure that more people benefitted from the organisations programmes and workshops as a result

Adam, who was a key part of the crowdfunding initiative as well as the development of the site added: ‘As an organisation, we possibly don’t stop to take into account some of the great work that is being done on a regular basis. Having the opportunity to share this and learn from other community organisations in a similar situation from ourselves can only be beneficial for everybody involved.’

Although the expansion was a hot topic of conversation, other areas of community development were looked at, including productivity, staff progression as well as strategic development.


‘I really enjoyed delivering the workshop,’ added Adam: ‘Although each community department up and down the country has different areas of focus and ways in which to deliver them, essentially all have the same overall goal. So offering advice, guidance and support was something that I got an awful lot from.’

Pompey in the Community have offered a ‘return leg’ as it were, to staff from Argyle Community Trust to come and visit the community offices in Portsmouth and see at first-hand how the organisation runs on a daily basis, and its plans for the upcoming months.

For more information on what’s going on at the Charity, please visit or follow the organisation on twitter or facebook using Pompeyitc.



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