50 is just the 2nd half!

50 is just the 2nd half!

To support a funding bid for over 50’s sport to Sport England, The EFL Trust had the idea to do a “Twitter Bomb”. Us and a lot of other accounts throughout the country posted about aged 50 being just the start of your #2ndhalf and still able to do sports. With large numbers of us using the hashtag, we were properly able to promote sports for over 50s by having it trending nationwide!

Here at Pompey in the Community we offer many different sports for over 50s from our Dementia group ‘Life and Chimes’ doing sessions of boccia, bowls and more to all of our disability sector. We truly believe that sport is for all ages, for the regular exercise and fun.

For the Twitter Bomb we mainly posted about our Walking Football sessions as the Monday session at Roko Health Club was at the exact time of the Twitter takeover and all of the participants are aged 50 to 85. It was a very misty Monday morning but we still had 25 eager to tie their laces and boot some balls.

One of the regulars has been quoted saying that Walking Football has majorly helped him to – “Relive my younger days and kick a ball about, which I thought would never occur again.” He also expressed that it has – “Brought together a group of people who in my opinion have made me feel very comfortable. Great camaraderie.”

Main Pompey in the Community Walking Football coach and Pompey Community of Football coordinator Tash Stephens says that – “Sunny skies or miserable Mondays, a large majority of our signed up members always turn up, they just love it!”

The Pompey in the Community Walking Football team are entering the People’s Cup with their first match February 25th, make sure to find them on Facebook and follow their journey!

Our Walking Football sessions are Mondays and Thursdays at Roko Health Club, 11:00 – 12:30 for £3 a session.



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