NCS contributes to the community.


The Aldingbourne Trust

On Tuesday the 25 th April 2017 a group of 15 Pompey NCS graduates helped to renovate an area of the Aldingbourne Enterprise ‘MAKE’ shop into a fun, welcoming and sensory place for children of younger ages and adults with disabilities.

The Aldingbourne trust seeks to provide care and support to adults with learning disabilities as well as their families and carers. The work began at 9am on Tuesday at the MAKE at Aldingbourne Enterprise on Cornwall Road, Fratton. The area was a plain dull space with blocks of colour, while there was little on the walls to stimulate the young children play in the area.

The grads wanted to make an area that all of the users felt safe and secure in, all while helping to inspire their imagination and creativeness. The area was designed to be as relaxing as possible for everyone enjoy.

Thanks to the kind support of the Portsmouth community many items used in the renovation were donated to the grads. To complete the renovation in just one day is an amazing achievement and the NCS Grads should be very proud of themselves. The staff at the MAKE shop were incredible happy and appreciative of the graduates’ hard work throughout the day.

Here are some words from two of the grads that took part in the renovation: I took part in Pompey’s NCS during the summer 2016 and ever since I have been a part of the graduate program. During the grad program we help out places that need our help and gain awareness for important charities. On Tuesday 25 th April we went to the MAKE shop in Fratton.

In the back of the shop was this plain area that really needed livening up. We heard that vulnerable people used the area to do fun activities with the community so we decided to give the people that use the area a fun interactive wall so they have a safe and comfortable place to play and do activities.

We decided to make it a Noah's ark themed area, we had people painting the wall, the people painting the wall painted a big ark that had 3D features, we used materials to touch and feel, people painted animals on the wall, it was really colourful with flowers and grass. We had fairy lights and material hanging from the ceiling which made the place glisten!  We had a lot of different coloured material leaves hanging from the ceiling. We paper mached the beams to turn into trees, we painted them and they looked fantastic. We also had a lot of red noses donated from a shop in order to help with this project, we strung them together and hung them against the wall, it was all so interactive and really helped with the senses!

It was wonderful seeing everyone work together on this project, sometimes it was tough but we all motivated each other and worked so extremely hard to finish the project, we are all so proud of what we have accomplished.

It really makes me feel better knowing that I have helped take part in the makings of this project. Doing good acts like this makes me feel so good about myself, I keep on meeting so many amazing people and hero making so many new experiences. I couldn't thank NCS enough for everything they have done for me and what they continue to do for me.

Chantay Kennedy

The MAKE shop was our second action day which was to design and make a new sensory area for the MAKE shop in Fratton. We began by breaking into small groups and brainstormed ideas of what we could do with the space, we came up with themes such as gardens, Noah’s Ark and sensory & sound walls. On Tuesday we arrived at the MAKE shop, it was an open canvas which allowed us to make our ideas come to life. We began by tackling the large tasks and setting foundation for the project. We decided to split into two teams to get the job done quickly, team trees and teem Ark. After just the first couple of hours the area looked brand new, we had painted the walls and began the paper mache transformation of support beams into trees.

Whilst we were waiting for the paint to dry we began to draw out the ark and then the details and textures onto it. Half way through the day we had finished the mural, it featured land, sea, sky, the ark and trees. By the middle of the day we decided that we need to complete all of the finishing touches to ensure the project was completed to a high standard.

We worked as a team to finish everything on time. To our surprise at the end of the day the action project was completed and looked much better than we could have imagined it would look. We are all very proud of what we have done in the short time of being at the MAKE shop.

Marley Callaway Hinks


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