Two weeks in the life of…


Bethany Simmons

For the last two weeks, I’ve been working with Pompey in the Community for my work experience at school – and I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. Coming from 3 hours away with no initial contact with Portsmouth whatsoever, I honestly wasn’t too sure what I was to expect. Even mere days preceding to my experience, I didn’t know as much as I probably should have done about the company; all I had gathered was from my sister (who lives in the area), in which all she had told me was that they worked closely with the Portsmouth Football Club and that I would be set in the marketing department (which I was rather excited about due to my interest in graphic design and business studies).

The study centre was a lot smaller than I anticipated it would be, but finding that out metaphorically lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to locate everything in the building and would irritate other members of staff in asking directions every two minutes, but I’m sure everybody has that fear when walking into a new job or even just when heading somewhere new in general. That wasn’t the only worry I had that seemed rather silly once I had walked through the doors. I was worried that the employees would be somewhat intimidating, but I was proven wrong yet again. Everybody I’ve met in PITC is friendly and upbeat whenever greeted.

I think I can safely say I’ve managed to dabble in quite a few of the different aspects in PITC, from typing up proposals, coming up with event ideas, Market research of different aspects and even simply watching how some of the PITC events are run (excluding many more things I’ve been up to as not to ramble) has helped me come to grips with what a work schedule and environment is like.

In my school back in Suffolk, the year 10s are running an entire musical festival in without any of the teacher’s help. Being in the marketing sector there I feel like I can actually make a contribution with some new ideas on how to market rather than reciting the rather tired “posters” idea.

I can say with full honesty that the best part of the work experience has been all of the other people I’ve worked with. As previously mentioned, everybody in PITC was always incredibly friendly towards me; I never felt as if I was too much of an ‘add-on’ to everything. Being a somewhat introverted teenager I’m extremely glad I was able to feel comfortable talking to everybody in (the many) offices I had worked in.

If somebody were to ask me what my most random (and probably unrelated) learnt fact I’ve picked up on my own accord from doing my work experience (and just the area in general), is that many people in Portsmouth seem to say “decent” in response to things more often than where I’m from (which again, although only 3 hours away it’s interesting to see how words are used in different places). I hadn’t noticed it before but once I’d picked up on it, I saw even my sister tended to say ‘decent’ from time to time whenever we were out on the weekends.

A small fact, but it most certainly is not the biggest thing I’ve managed to take from this experience. By doing jobs related to business, I believe my chances of passing my Business Studies GCSE have skyrocketed and I think I’ll feel a lot more confident in going into jobs in the future.



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